Seeking Larger Cottages at

Guests of Pera's Cottages also may use the Heated Pool at Pera's Motel Apartments, a five minute walk to Golf Avenue.

Located at Mapleton Beach and Lake Road

Both of these houses were built around World War II and are spacious and clean but not luxurious. We would like our visitors to see these before renting, as they are older homes. They have complete kitchens. Multi-week discounts are available.

These are two large summer houses, which are on the North side of Lake Road in the historic Mapleton Beach area, which is RIGHT on the strip next to Eddie's Grill. The houses are about 6 houses from Lake Erie; the private beach is available to renters of these houses and is well kept. Both are just off of the "Entertainment Strip" so everything is within walking distance.

Lake Breeze 2016 Information: $825 per week

The "Lake Breeze" is $825.00 plus tax per week and has 4 bedrooms (4 double beds, 2 single beds, 2 toddler beds) and two bathrooms and sleeps about 10. It has a full kitchen with microwave, toaster and a gas log fireplace.

The Lake Breeze offers a large yard opening up on the Strip, which is great for picnicking, lawn games or just plain “people watching”. There is also a “fire ring” for campfires. A permanent charcoal grill is available.

LAKE WORTH HOUSE 2016 Information: $825 per week

The "Lake Worth" has 5 bedrooms (1 queen bed, 3 double beds, 4 single beds) and can sleep about 13. It has a complete kitchen. It also has two newer bathrooms with tub shower combinations, a microwave in the kitchen, toaster, ceiling fans in kitchen and dining room and a gas log fireplace. The Lake Worth is also $825.00 per week plus tax.

A larger back yard is available for recreation, which is more private than the house front yard. A charcoal grill is available for cookouts as well as a “fire ring”.


Because of differing tastes, budgets, and expectations of our guests, we will NOT accept a deposit OR a reservation UNLESS the person tendering the deposit has inspected the premises both inside and out.

These houses were built around World War II and are spacious and clean but not luxurious. There is no air conditioning. We offer cable color TV in the living room. Remotes are available for a $25.00 deposit. The deposit will be returned when the remote is returned.

Beds have mattress pads, blankets and bedspreads. Guests need to bring bed linens, pillows, bathroom towels, washcloths and beach towels. Guests may also want to bring extra kitchen gadgets such as large pots and pans.

Pet & Smoking Policy

No smoking is permitted inside the cottages. 

We do not permit pets as the 
fleas of Lake Erie are ferocious and are difficult to get rid of after the pet 
has left. Anyone bringing ANY pets will be asked to leave and will 
forfeit the deposits and rent.


Rent these weeks below for the heavy discount as shown: 

May 27 - June 4, 2016        $450.00        

June 4 - June 11, 2016       $450.00
August 27-September 5, 2016  $475.00
September 5 (Monday) - September 11:
Thunder on the Strip bike week $825.00 (Not available - Rented)
Remaining September weekends $395.00      

All other weeks at regular summer rates.

Reservation, Deposit, taxes, and Cancellation Policy Reservation and Deposit:

We cannot accept any reservations without the initial RENTAL deposit of $250. This 
is regardless if you are a returning or new customer. By April 1, we require an 
additional payment of $350, of which $250 goes towards the rent and $100 to a 
security deposit, returned upon check out. (All reservations made after April 1 
must be accompanied by both the initial $250 rental deposit AND the $350 April 1 

30 Days PRIOR to check-in, the final payment in full shall be made, including 
applicable taxes. Payment can be made via credit card or money order.

Renter visit:

As stated in the letter above, we will NOT accept a deposit OR a reservation 
UNLESS the person tendering the deposit has inspected the premises both inside 
and out. By providing a deposit, you are ensuring that you have seen the premises 
in person.

Taxes: 6.75% Ohio Sales tax, local bed tax of 3% plus County bed taxes of 
5% will be added to the rates. 

Payment Method: We accept ONLY cash, credit card or money orders. No 
personal or business checks. 

Cancellation Policy: Due to the seasonal nature of Geneva-on-the-Lake, 
payments made towards the rent are refundable IF AND ONLY if the week or weeks 
cancelled can be rented for the full rental. Rentals who cancel within 3 weeks 
of the reservation shall incur a $75.00 cancellation charge regardless if the 
house(s) are rented again during the week(s) cancelled. 

If the second payment due is not made by the April 1, 2016 date, we reserve 
the right to cancel the reservation and rent the house to any on our waiting list. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Sincerely, Marty Fenlason, Office Manager Email: email

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